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Seattle Private InvestigatorSeattle Private Investigator John F Hays of HSI Investigations, a Washington State  licensed Seattle Private Investigation Agency, conducts operations involving the location of persons and the location, gathering, verifying and documenting of information about persons, organizations and events throughout Seattle, King County and Washington State.



Services Overview

We investigate and support the following legal areas and we are willing to consider unique “out of the box” investigative work on a case by case basis.

The defense of those accused of crimes (criminal defense)
Civil Rights Investigations
Personal Injury Investigations
Land Use and Labor/Employment Investigations
Insurance and Subrogation Investigations
Individuals and businesses dealing with a variety of issues that are causing them problems, that have solutions other than litigation.
Locates in support of Judgments, Subpoenas and Criminal Defense

What area we serve

We operate primarily in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties in Western Washington. We take work in other Washington locations on a case-by-case basis, if the work can be done in a timely and cost effective manner from our base in Seattle.

We specialize in:

Criminal Defense Investigations
Civil rights investigations
Personal injury investigations
Labor/management/employment investigations
Land use/environmental/natural resource issues

Our clients are:

Attorneys and other licensed private investigators
Businesses (for profit and non-profit)
Private citizens

HSI Investigation’s principal investigator, John Hays, has over 40 years of experience learning and applying investigative skills in a variety of government, business (both for-profit and non-profit) and academic environments.

Coming from a strong academic and real world background in the social and biological sciences, John offers the maturity and excellent human relations skills necessary to deal effectively with the variety of  people encountered in this profession. His intellect, knowledge, skills, street smarts, work ethic and high ethical standards are the personal characteristics that you need in a private investigator to get your investigative work done in an effective, efficient and cost-effective way.

Please examine the site. Learn what you can about us. If we sound like the kind of agency that can meet your needs, call or email us to set up an appointment for an interview regarding how we can help you meet your needs or solve your problems.

Member of:

National Council of Investigation and Security Services
Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Washington Defender Association
Washington State Association For Justice
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Washington State Private Investigator License   #2405

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