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Washington Governor Inslee Bans Capital Punishment-Right On!


Washington Governor Inslee Bans Capital Punishment-Right On! by John F. Hays, a Seattle Private Investigator.

Inslee has done the right thing. Now it’s up to the State legislature to make the capital punishment ban permanent. Inslee’s action only holds while he is in office and maintains his position on the matter. Washington is still one of 32 States that allow the State to commit revenge/murder, euphemistically known as capital punishment. The Federal government also allows such travesties of justice.

Capital punishment is not a deterrent. It is not justice. Capital punishment is government sanctioned revenge; and revenge killing is murder.

When you consider the flaws inherent in our criminal justice system, as demonstrated by numerous exonerations, it’s impossible to justify executions on moral or legal grounds.

Eighteen States down; 32 States and the Feds left to go in stopping Government sanctioned murder.


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