Private Investigative Costs

Private Investigation Costs

The cost for my services is entirely dependent on the nature of your case and the resources needed to get the necessary work done.

Some casework is done for an hourly rate plus expenses; some is done for a flat fee for services plus expenses. I will need information from you to be able to tell you what it will cost and on what basis I will charge you.

It is important that you know what to expect when you contact me. It works as follows.

In a free, initial consultation, we will examine your reasons for contacting me. We will discuss the nature of your situation and your need for my help. From this discussion, I will determine if I can help you myself, or if I should refer you elsewhere.

If I determine that I can help you, we will discuss the information you have related to your case, the work needed to handle your case and the estimated cost to get the work done in an efficient and timely manner.

If we proceed on your case, we will do so on a contract basis with an initial payment for services due before work begins.

Until you decide to hire my services and proceed, you will incur no expense. It will cost you nothing for my help during the initial consultation.


I have the education, training and experience needed to work effectively.

I have the intellect, drive and work ethic to handle your investigative needs in a thorough, efficient and timely way.

I have strong human relations skills, including very effective interviewing and statement taking skills.

When working with attorneys or corporate clients, I’m a team player who will take initiative to get the job done within the limits you establish in each case.

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